The beagles are good at indicating when the missus is about to have an epileptic seizure, so they get to sit in the bathroom with her while she has a shower. Afterwards, they always seem so peaceful. Today it even extended to Breena sharing her beanbag.


Breena really can get sulky while waiting for the missus to feed her. My partner turned around and caught this look while cooking the beagles’ breakfast.

You may have noticed that most of the posts about our beagles involve food in some way. This is because they are beagles, and there are only four things that matter to beagles: food, affection, sleep, and food.

The burned tongue teaches best

Dogs need vegetable matter, not just meat, so these two get a bit of porridge for breakfast. One day, I had a migraine and needed to sit down, so I gave it to them before it had a chance to cool down, thinking that my wonderful beagles were smart enough to leave it alone for a bit. Breena was apparently too hungry and burned her tongue, so when I got up because I heard her whimpering, I was treated to the sight of a beagle who was afraid of food. This sight happened every day for a month, and she is still cautious about her porridge.

Something to tide you over.

Sorry everyone, I have hit a few problems and my books are running late(r) than I or, I imagine, any of you wanted. I should start posting snippets from the next 3 Mongrelverse¬†books again next week. These are Through the Veil, book one of Good Deeds and Bad Company, Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences, Book 2 of Breed Matters, and Forsaken Motherhood, Book 2 of Cursed Mother.

As to the delays? Well, let’s just say that life can bowl you a wrong’un, a flipper and a slider. Sometimes it seems to have the bowlers line up in a convey too, dammit. ( sorry, Cricket terms here, but I am Aussie, so it seemed right. Hmm. American terms… A Pitching machine throwing you a stream of curveballs maybe?)

In the meantime here are a couple of books to help tide you over… In a setting I should be contributing something to by the end of July, if not earlier.

Without further ado, welcome to the Badger Hole Bar, They can be found through this link

Book 1: Through the Badger Hole

Desolation and grief can leave you floating, unable to find a new shape to your existence.

Who knew that it was possible to be shocked out of the morass of sorrow by a well-timed push?!

Madrik was reeling from the loss of his family and unable to find his way into the new reality. Then something happened that sent him further than he ever thought to travel. A new life, in a new dimension!

This is a place where problems are solved, and life is continually changing. Come in, put your feet up, and join the crew that Madrik is collecting in this shared universe.

Be amused and challenged, touched and enthralled.

Welcome to the Badger Hole Bar!

Book 2: Grand Opening

Chaos and confusion. The tidal wave of tension before release.

The Badger Hole Bar is having its Grand Opening. Madrik and his new team have been frantic. Trying to get everything ready in time is hard enough, but there are problems.

Of course, it might help if the BHB would stop rearranging the architecture, or no new emergencies came up. Since that would be an impossible situation, they will just have to do what they can and leave the rest to fate, luck, or whatever.

That just leaves one main worry…

What if no one comes?