A Mongrel’s Curse

The Mongrel.




He’s the guy that gets sought after for the scary shit, when those religious hunters and yahoos operating out of pubs can’t handle the problem. Yeah, even the government comes crying. When those that hunt the thing that go bump in the night become the hunted, he’s the one that bumps back.

But nobody likes the guy because they don’t know what to expect. After all, he wakes up a new man every morning.
Then there’s the relatives. Being the grandson of a Fury wins him no popularity contests amongst those in the know. And the rest of his heritage being a big freaking blank isn’t of help either.

He takes no favorites. In the battles between the supernaturals, he’s neutral. Picking sides in a twenty or thirty-sided conflict is plain crap. Even his family pays for his help.

When there’s a fuck-up that others won’t touch, you go to the Mongrel. And you’d better bring your life savings with you—he don’t work for short pay.

So who’s this Mongrel, you ask?

That’d be Me

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