Griffin has been betrayed and abandoned. Betrayed by the organization that he has been a part of for two centuries. Betrayed by his Faith. Abandoned by his apprentice and those who followed him into opposing the Order.

Finding out that he had the same abilities as the ‘Demonspawn’ he hunted had been a shock. Finding out those same ‘Demonspawn’ were descendants of the Old Gods had shattered his world.

The Betrayal is what hurts him more than anything. It has left him a broken man, unable to contribute to opposing the Order. How can someone who acted blindly in Faith, killing many whom his own core believes he should have been protecting become a unifier? How can he face down it’s seeming goal of eradicating anything that does not fit with it’s Abrahemic paradigm?

The Order has already started moving. People, even entire families, are turning up dead… or disappearing.

In the shadows, people are hunting him. Not knowing this he goes A-viking, to find a new purpose, to find himself again. In his current state will he be able to face the challenges ahead? Especially since now he has no allies to help him sort friend from foe?






2 thoughts on “A-Viking

    1. yes… but my current focus is getting the Mongrelverse a bit more filled out. The third book in Betrayed by Faith will be called Myrmidon and focus on a different MC

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