And it is now Live!

Motherhood Forsaken is now live. You can purchase it Here!

Torn from her children. Burdened with a quest as payment.

Sarah has found the one being who has the power and resources to break her curse. The price for this supernatural’s aid is high. She is to be ripped from her children, so she can tackle a mission in a distant land. Even with her allies, it will be a leap into the unknown.

Yet her children and her friends feel the aid is worth it. Perhaps they can see what she cannot. That she needs to regain whatever portion of her life is left from before the curse destroyed her world.

This quest has problems of its own. Hampered by politics and veniality, this human woman must navigate her way through the world beyond the Veil. She must command the respect of Shifters unbound by any treaty, and ride rippling changes in the supernatural world to hope for success.

Can Sarah complete her quest and regather the remaining fragments of her life before the curse? Will she be able to resume being a mother to her children once this task is done?




Signing out, Paul C. Middleton


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