And the Saga Continues… or Smoke and My lungs don’t mix!

Hi all

Sorry for the incommunicado. I have not been well. It seems like breathing in smoke, nor is dust-filled air so good for me.

I lost all of November to that crap. Sometimes it was so bad I could not even see across the road. It was impossible for me to get my head together enough to write anything that didn’t sound either trite or make my characters two dimensional.

You, my readers, deserve better than that. At least in my opinion.

Besides, it hurts my soul a little to show people work that is far behind my usual standards. Some of what I wrote is undoubtedly usable with expansion. Much is not.

I feel like the bushfires not only burnt most of the native forests around the town I live in but also most of my November, damnit!

It will take me a little time to get back up to a decent level of words per day. Hopefully, I can make this up to you all, my readers, by stringing releases from late December to April.

I hope to reach a chapter a day by the end of next week.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I also hope to fulfill my goal of posting a couple of times a week (or more!) on my blog and on Facebook. Hopefully, I can keep you all more up to date. I won’t be pushing hard on that one until after Christmas. However, I need to get my regular writing back up before taking on something new!


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