Bad Health

Yeah, I’ve recently been to see my doctor. I go twice a year, originally to keep an eye on my cholesterol. Both sides of the family have problems with that bane to health. Recently it seems I have been seeing them to find out how fast my health is declining.

Don’t get me wrong, I know, like so many people, I need to get out and exercise more. It isn’t easy for any of us, I suspect. Motivation is not there. Like a lot of people (I think? I hope I’m not alone here) I am most effective living nocturnally. Then there are others who work with people half a world away. I also do that frequently. My editors and most of my collaborators are in the US so a nocturnal schedule actually helps me maintain contact with them.

This makes so much of life that little bit harder for us night owls. We deviate from the norm. Then there is my recent experience with my doctor.

Doctors. Should you trust their diagnosis? In a word, yes. Especially for the common things. Hell, I even found out I was a carrier for hemochromatosis because of a gut instinct of theirs. So do I trust my doctor’s diagnosis? Absolutely.

Do I trust their treatments? Not all the time, no. For example, I have high cholesterol. My current physician initially told me I need to become a vegetarian. I know from past experience, I become anemic within a month without 2-4 meals having red meat. (This clued her in to the gene carrier status mentioned above. All data is useful to a professional.)

As for statins, I am on the fence as to if it is useful. I only take it every other day, and it seems to reduce the time I can exercise if I take it the evening before I go for a long walk. (That sounds insane and feels insane. However, a quick search showed I am not the only one who finds this. I need to remember to talk to the doc about this next appointment.) Exercise is also vital for reducing cholesterol.

Like with most professionals, you need to trust your doctor. However, if there is something off about their advice, you need to inform them. It also does not help if when a patient fails to follow all parts of their advice. (Guilty. I really need to exercise more!)

Why am I even posting about this? Several reasons. I suspect rather than taking the current situation as an opportunity to reassess, many of you are doing what I was doing. Spinning in place and filled with uncertainty.

Instead, you could be taking this as an opportunity to look at things. Maybe not your physical health, nor your mental health. You could look at your creative impulses. You could (and many seem to be) reassess your diets and family life.

I’ll admit I am fortunate. The Human Malware has barely brushed Australia, which may or may not give me opportunities for reassessment unavailable to others. But I have been forced to look at everything to prevent myself from digging through the Earth’s crust. I was spinning like a dervish imitating a top at the beginning of the crisis.

There was becoming a risk of a new volcano appearing in Australia’s New England region.

As to the next release? Well, you will have to wait for my next post. Don’t bring out the pitchforks and light the torches yet. I promise I will get one out shortly. (By the end of the week, if the vampires don’t take too much blood for testing.)

In the meantime, you can look as “My Mongrel Knight,” A prompt inspired short story that is the fifth comment after this post on the Inanna’s Circle Game, HERE. You may as well read the other stories posted to the comments while you are at it.


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