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He’s the guy that gets sought after for the scary shit, when those religious hunters and yahoos operating out of pubs can’t handle the problem. Yeah, even the government comes crying. When those that hunt the thing that go bump in the night become the hunted, he’s the one that bumps back.

But nobody likes the guy because they don’t know what to expect. After all, he wakes up a new man every morning.
Then there’s the relatives. Being the grandson of a Fury wins him no popularity contests amongst those in the know. And the rest of his heritage being a big freaking blank isn’t of help either.

He takes no favorites. In the battles between the supernaturals, he’s neutral. Picking sides in a twenty or thirty-sided conflict is plain crap. Even his family pays for his help. <more>


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Mongrel’s Tooth & Consequences (2nd Quarter)









Talk about knocking me down with a frickin’ feather.

My name is Lou Lind and from the moment I stepped into Areanna and Lindsay Thea’s living room, the stink of an unsolvable crime was hanging in the air. A smash and grab raid had prised their young son from his bedroom, and despite the shattered glass, the couple swore they’d slept through the whole thing.

Fair enough. You can’t cure stupid. But when I saw, plain as day, that Areanna was lying through her teeth, I knew who I’d need to tackle to sort out the cause of her son’s kidnapping.

And if following up this lead presents a challenge to my entire sense of reality? Well, so be it. The good peeps of NZ don’t pay me a pittance just to keep my sanity buffed up to a nice shine.

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Everything had changed. One minute I was working on a difficult case, with no idea that the supernatural world was there. The next, I was part of the supernatural world.

That was about the time it took to change from being a Detective investigating kidnappings assaults and murders, to being transferred to Nga Tari O Tipua, the offices of weird.And finding out I was back down to the ranks. Delegated to picking up consultants, and driving them around.
The first consultant I pick up, all I am given is the photo of a tattoo on the back of his left hand. I find him arrogant, rude and precisely the kind of man I don’t like to be around. Worse, part of the reason is here is to help me start learning about my new abilities.

I have to wonder what self-respecting persons allow themselves, cheerfully, to be called The Mongrel. All that is left for me is to wonder what the hell is gonna happen in the mess my life’s become.

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Cursed Mother is now live HERE

I was young. I was foolish. I ended up getting a divorce and cursed by my ex’s new partner.

I didn’t believe in the supernatural then. What could she have possibly meant by saying I’d have no human children? I though first three children were normal enough that I didn’t even consider it. The fourth brought doubt. The fifth was such an extreme supernatural I had to foster him. I nearly broke. I didn’t want to give up my child,  nor could I raise him.

Now, every month I go to The Menagerie, looking for someone, anyone, willing to help me break my curse. So far I’ve had no luck. No-one wants to cross the Fury Alecto, the one who cursed me.

Tonight I’ve had word that the most promising person for my task has become a regular. After seven years of searching. Someone willing to help me. But what will getting the curse removed cost me?


Motherhood Forsaken (Date TBA)

Mother Remade (Date TBA)




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The Russian Mercenary known as Boris has always been a conundrum for governments the world over. His visage never changes, his capabilities never understood.

The Russian government gets word he has been killed on a mercenary mission in America, allowing agents to come in and attack the villages Boris has been protecting. Using a fanatical military sub-group in the Russian military, the atrocities start.

The only problem? Boris isn’t dead, and now he has help.

Boris won’t allow his people to go unprotected, and now the Queen Bitch herself has accepted his oath of fealty.

Russia doesn’t have a clue what they have started when this Bear comes back from the Dead.



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Thinking that Boris was dead – a mistake. Not making sure was a bigger one. They attacked his town – HUGE mistake.

He knows who was responsible – for the attack, for the destruction, for the deaths. What comes next is justice, is RETALIATION!
A third of his people have chosen to fight at his side. They must smash the force sent to capture those who chose to leave and serve his Czarina elsewhere. Only then can his forces deal with those that betrayed them.
His team is not the dream team, but a nightmare for his enemies. This old Werebear has allies – Werewolf, disavowed Military Intelligence officer, former Australian SAS trooper – not to mention the Queen Bitch. They have skills that few others have. But will that be enough to take down his foes? Are the secret UnknownWorld enemies enough to kill the Ghost Bear?




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The Sign of the Cross… In the darkest parts of Russia.

Boris is following the trail to locate the last of the NVG’s secret bases. As they look, they run across an old legend, one which speaks to the Archangel Michael defeating a beast…

Could that have actually have been Michael, the Patriarch of Vampires? And if it was, what beast had he condemned to the caves near Archangelsk, Russia? This time, Boris is going after more than just the NVG – he is searching for the answer to his own past.

** As noted in other series set in the Kurtherian Universe, there IS cursing in this book, occasionally, it’s funny, too. **





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True demons are sighted for the first time in centuries. Is there anyone to protect humanity?

As a Paladin for the Order, for 200 years Griffin has fought honorably against Werewolves, Vampires, Warlocks and Demonspawn. Raised by them when left in their care as an infant, he knows no other life. Humanity doesn’t know or care about the enemies he fights, and that is the way it should be.

When not fighting, he’s training both himself and those he serves with. He’s finally found an apprentice who thinks like he does, can fight like him, and that is making a difference. But will secrets from his own past be the Achilles heel that kills them all? or the last flicker of hope from Pandora’s box?





Griffin has been betrayed and abandoned. Betrayed by the organization that he has been a part of for two centuries. Betrayed by his Faith. Abandoned by his apprentice and those who followed him into opposing the Order.

Finding out that he had the same abilities as the ‘Demonspawn’ he hunted had been a shock. Finding out those same ‘Demonspawn’ were descendants of the Old Gods had shattered his world.

The Betrayal is what hurts him more than anything. It has left him a broken man, unable to contribute to opposing the Order. How can someone who acted blindly in Faith, killing many whom his own core believes he should have been protecting become a unifier? How can he face down it’s seeming goal of eradicating anything that does not fit with it’s Abrahemic paradigm?  <more>



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Mongrelverse Stories

A Simple Trip (1st Quarter)

It was supposed to be a simple look in an old second-hand and antiques shop, I was simply trying to find a gift for the Russian twins. They’d stood by me and help me survive my parents.
How was I to know that a small accident would have such far-reaching consequences?

Guarding an Imp (1st Quarter)

The Refomationists had started hunting Imps indiscriminately. Some few brave souls decide to even the odds.

This short can be found in Flight on The Phoenix Anthology, Available for free HERE