Bushfires -The Reason for My Silence

Hi all.

Sorry I have been silent for so long. It has been a long few weeks.

The town I live in has been surrounded by Bushfires. Not only have I needed to help a couple of friends out in this situation, but the constant smoke has been doing a number on my lungs.

Still, I am far better off than many. Over three hundred homes have been destroyed. My best wishes go out to those who have lost everything.

Here is a list of organizations for donations if you can.


I would suggest either WIRES for native wildlife in need or the Australian Lions Foundation for helping people.

I hope to be getting back to regular updates at the beginning of next week. I hope this nightmare ends for everyone in NSW and Queensland before that.

A Cyclone coming across the beaches would be a different sort of disaster, of course, but I suspect I am not alone in praying for that over the wildfires that are currently burning and that will light up if we don’t get some heavy rain soon.


Author out

Paul C. Middleton.

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