I’m Back!

Happy to talk to you all again. Sorry I have been incommunicado for a while. I was prepping for a trip to America, then in America meeting a lot of indy authors (Both at the 20 Books conference and a follow-up get-together of most of the Phoenix Prime group.)

But I’m Back and have at least 3 releases planned for the month: Redemption, Boris Chronicles #4, First Steps ( A Short story that will lead into a series I am calling Good Deeds and Bad Company.) and Operation Blowback (The Pandora Battalion #2) another short.

I also hope to get Mongrel’s Truth and Consequences finished this month for release at the beginning of 2018.

Upcoming, hopefully today, is another Boris snippet.

Talk to you in the coming hours and days

Paul C Middleton

New release: The Pandora Initiative as part of the CyberWar: Digital Battlefield anthology

This one was large enough I could give you a snippet from the first chapter
The Pandora Initiative: Snippet 1
As far as he was concerned, after serving with the SAS, any other position in the army would have been equivalent to a desk job. And anything that he considered a desk job meant he was out of the army.

Still, he had to honor the call if it came in. Surviving as far off the grid as he was, that meant he needed an alert indicator when the phone rang. He was often working outside on the vegetable patch or looking after his small number of livestock.

Mostly he wanted the warning system to tell them they could get fucked as quickly as possible. He just wanted to be left alone now. The rest of the world could go to hell after how he’d been treated, as far as he was concerned.

He thudded the ax into the chopping block and headed inside. Answering the phone he said, as rudely as possible, “Get fucked!”

He could almost feel Brigadier Worth’s teeth grinding. The man hated any disrespect and was a marionette of a man when it came to military formality. Apparently, his temperament was very similar to that of Field Marshal Montgomery in World War II. He looked completely different and was the highest-ranking member of the Armed Forces with any aboriginal heritage, ever. He was a quarter Aboriginal, and on the outs with his tribe for joining the military

He was also highly competent. His ego was small enough that he’d put up with a lot if he felt it was for the good of the forces, or required due to the needs of the mission. That he was still on the phone after how McNaughton had answered it was a sign that he felt he needed McNaughton for whatever was in the works.

“You remember that paper you wrote on combined military operations of political enemies?” Worth growled after finally letting out a breath.

It took him a minute. As an officer, he’d had to complete a degree. Unusually for someone in the Special Forces track, he’d gone for one in international politics. He’d enjoyed it, and followed through to the Doctorate level in his ‘copious free time’ The thesis he’d written had gotten top marks and been immediately classified. It was a shame, he’d considered publishing it in the Journal of International Affairs.

“Yes,” Mad Dog answered curtly

“Good. Consider yourself called up and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. You’ve just become my candidate to lead the proposal, both in formation and on the ground,” Worth said.

“No,” McNaughton answered, although his voice was more respectful now, less confrontational. There was an undertone of curiosity, but his negation was still firm. Dave was now warring internally, as people didn’t join the special forces unless they enjoyed the challenge. Except for the oddballs that enjoyed misery and pain. Still, as far as McNaughton was concerned, the world could go to hell.

I wrote this while stuck on other stories, and it’s a hell of a ride. Give it a whirl. The other authors I worked with also wrote some fantastic stuff. There’s something for everyone in this book!

Combat Psychology now live – More fiction coming soon

Combat psychology is the 2nd book in my Writer’s guide to combat series. To write a successful combat scene you need to understand the psychology of a soldier or warrior during combat. To write a successful book with combat present you need to not only understand the possible states of mind during combat but also possible states of mind before and after combat.  This work tries to cover all these factors in a concise and understandable format.

It explores the wealth of data that is being gathered over the centuries, both deliberately, in modern times, by psychologists, and by the description of authors. It follows the challenges soldiers face from their mind before, during, and after, combat.

If you are having problems writing a believable combat scene, this may well be the book for you. Often authors portray warriors or soldiers as somewhat flat characters. This book will give you the tools and information you need as an author to create a fully fleshed out character that takes part, or has taken part, in combat.

It also describes the psychological stages a person goes through in a combat situation, allowing you to deepen the feel of any combat situation you write. It explains and expands on pieces of information critical to the writing of any believable combat situation, from a bar fight brawl to an assault on a beach.

This book was written with the significant support and aid of Kat Lind, an Industrial Psychologist of note. Without her input and aid in piecing together this work, it would not be the book it is. She has been an awesome partner to collaborate with, and mentor on improving my fiction and non-fiction works.

You can purchase the book here

Midnight Magic release

The Midnight Magic Anthology is coming out on the 25th of April and is now up for pre-order. Below is a snippet from my title in the anthology ‘Pack, What Pack, Were?’

Pack, What Pack, Were?

I walked to the nearby stream, carefully leaving a trail of human footprints. I started shivering as the crystal clear, but icy cold, water went to my knees. Then I started shifting. It was neither is pleasurable as the second shift had been nor as painful as the first. In a lot of ways, it just
was. I mean it was just a part of me, of who I was.

It’s hard to describe what the world is like through a wolf’s eyes compared to humans. Some colors are more intense, others are duller. You’ve got an overlay of wafting scent colors. All the smells around you subtly add an almost misty overlay to what you see. Gods this is frustrating. It’s like trying to describe the color pink to someone who is blind. It’s exactly like I’m telling you but it’s different as well. What it really is, though, most importantly, is both thrilling and wondrous.

I didn’t look at myself. I had been told by Mom and my sisters that I was large for a wolf. I assumed that any other Were I met would be about the same size. My sister Kate loves petting me in my wolf form. She cooed about how beautiful I was. Vanities aren’t a particularly wolfish trait, though. Fitness, and the fact that I was healthy, those were important to me. Whether I was pretty or not? I couldn’t have cared less.

I could scent a rabbit nearby. There was a slight shift in its odor as it went from concerned to nervous. Rabbits are a massive pest here, so I felt no concern about immediately giving chase. This was part of the reason I’d come out here, after all.

I started by stalking closer, as I was downwind of it. My odor wouldn’t travel cleanly to it. By carefully zigzagging as the breeze shifted, I managed to get within ten meters of it. That was more than pushing my luck, but I was doing this as much for practice as out of hunger. Shifting did leave me hungry, but it’s not the sort of ravenous hunger that you hear of in books and from movies.

The rabbit had calmed down briefly, so I took my chance and made a lightning lunge. My jaws slammed around its neck, and I shook it, snapping its neck quickly. There was no reason to cause unnecessary pain or harm. The sweet, hot taste of its blood filled my mouth, and I started getting down to eating it. I didn’t mind eating the fur and the offal, but I still balked at eating the brains and skull. I could easily have crushed it, but there was just something about it that disgusted the more human side of me. Even in wolf form.

After eating the rabbit, I started spiraling out from where my tent was. The eucalyptus smell through a wolf’s nose is so much more intense and so relaxing. I had to be careful it didn’t lull me into complacency. There could be a human out here hunting feral dogs for all I knew. I’d never camped in this place before.


Cursed Mother Words complete (and snippet)

Finally. After a flu, getting a Wisdom tooth ripped out, Allergies and sinusitis, I’ve completed Cursed Mother. Sending it to the tender hands of my alpha readers, and hope to be able to send it to the editor tomorrow.

*Jumps for joy*


I was always nervous as I headed into The Menagerie. After all, it’s not a safe place for people like me.  It catered to a unique mix of Supernaturals, and was the only place like it in Australia. Publicly, it was kind of dive that made biker bars look like havens for saints. You might find places where demons and angels would frequent simultaneously. Not as unusual as you’d think, as they both had an agenda to scare people away from the Supernatural, and towards the God they followed.

Not the kind of place people expected a wealthy woman like myself to enter. The number of propositions I received were somewhat ego swelling, although I looked at least a decade younger than I was. It was part  of the nature of my problem. I’d give up all those years of youthful looks to solve it, and gladly.

Behind the doors and the front bar, which often had Weres fighting each other in their human form. It was a venue that catered to any peculiarities that a Supernatural might desire. Except murder. For the vampires, there were ‘groupies’, recruited for their desire to be bitten or hopes to be chosen to become a vampire. Or so I assumed. I did not want to associate with blood givers and drinkers. For shapeshifters, a pit where they could conduct training and challenges. For the Fae it was considered neutral. In a way. Some place where they could meet without violence being guaranteed, no matter the mix of courts.

I came once a month, like clockwork. People assumed it was to get a piece of ‘rough’ on the side when they found out. I wish. I was looking for someone willing to take a big risk and help me remove the curse my ex’s new wife had placed on me on their wedding day.

The thought always brought a tear to my eye. I had loved Dan, deeply. I had played around on him because he was always at work. He even slept there four or more nights a week, making me feel like I was a piece of eye candy to him. Someone to be on his arm at events. He’d objected to any attempt I made to help him at work, or find a job of my own. I became bored and lonely, so I’d lashed out.

When he found out what I’d been doing, it nearly killed him. His love for me became a burning hate. Though I hadn’t known it, Dan believed in the Supernatural. He’d started looking for people to curse me. Unfortunately, both of us were angry at each other in different ways. Witches had been unwilling to curse a woman who felt scorned. So he’d looked deeper and darker for someone… some being… Willing to curse me.

He’d found Alecto. The Fury of Anger. As both of us were enraged at the other, and he lost most everything in the divorce he’d insisted on, her payment had been to curse him. A curse he found he enjoyed. They’d ended up married.

I’d ended up convinced it had all been faked.

What I’ve been doing: Phoenix Prime – and the first 30 shorts produced.

So here I sit, wondering how to explain Phoenix Prime to you all.

Phoenix Prime is basically a pressure cooker for authors. So, hopefully over the next months I will have at least one release for you a week.

And I’ll try to post regularly about releases from other authors in the program. For instance Lee Hayton has done a couple of collaborative works with me. ‘WereEagles fear to tread‘ and ‘A Mongrel, a Bard and Witches, oh my!’ The first of them was released earlier this week, and the second one is planned to be released on Friday (pending my RL problems which I will not go into here)

But I already have the first fruits of the programs labor. And for the time being, they’re available free, HERE, through Instafreebie. 10 anthologies of three free stories each. Enjoy.

The direct link to the anthology containing my Short story

‘Flight of the Phoenix’


Speak to you soon.

Paul C. Middleton

‘Sometimes knowing there is a battle is half the battle’