Music Monday – I actually remembered two weeks in a row!

I was sitting at my desk, looking for a wall to ram my head into to dull the pain my writer’s block was causing when it suddenly struck me.

It is Monday, right now, somewhere in the world. And I have not posted a Monday Music post yet.

I should fix that. This will be easy and might be more effective pain relief than bouncing my head against a brick wall. Definitely less damaging (to the wall) than hitting it against a plaster wall.

Effective pain relief? Yes. Less damaging? Yes. Easy? Err… Why do I have so many songs in that bookmark folder? I have a music bookmarks folder? I don’t remember most of these. I am going to need to listen to them until I find the right one for the week. NOOO!

I ended up going with The Dead South, In Hell I’ll be in Good Company. The lyrics make about as much sense to me as the world has in the last week.

Music Monday Returns

Welcome back to Music Monday after a hiatus.

I figure people could use a pick me up. I certainly needed one, so I looked through my older playlists and found this gem.

I hope you find it just as uplifting.

Hope you have a good day!

Signing out,
Paul C. Middleton.

Monday Music

I have been trying to figure out ways to show you that I am still around and working on what you all want – more reading material. I will admit I have been absolutely terrible at the Facebook thing. It just isn’t really my wheelhouse. I love writing, but on Facebook brevity is a virtue. (Twitter even more so. I absolutely hate the character limit.) ‘short’ writing is not one of my virtues. So, I am going to trial a few things, starting with Music Monday – posting a tune that has helped me past a bump in my writing, or simply in life in general.

This week it is Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica (with Lacey.) There is simply something in it that sings to me as I write the second Mother of Monsters book.