Cursed Mother: Final Snippet. Book Live

As I walked across to the bar, Jimmy, the bald-headed barkeep and owner, waved me over, unexpected cheer on his face. He was the main reason I was safe here. He’d spread the word about the curse. In a strange way, being cursed with a century-long timeline by Alecto had given me a form of fear-driven protection. No one in their right mind wanted to end such a curse prematurely. To do so would cost them their lives, probably in a long, creative, and drawn-out process. The corollary being that their refusal to help me was driven by blinding terror.

My relationship with Jimmy was mostly financial. I slipped him five hundred dollars under the table every month. He gave me possible candidates who might be willing to take on the curse. No guarantees — he just kept an eye out for people who might be willing to help me for the right price. Often the price wasn’t money, but something more…esoteric.

“New guy been coming in. Stared down Andre, made him back off,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Andre was the leader of the local pack. He was tough as nails and had taken my eldest under his wing. He also never backed down to a challenge, and his pack wasn’t the one that had been messed up last year. Andre had supposedly taken down a Werebear. Being a wolverine in his other form, his victory was impressive, to say the least.

“No one is sure how. Seems to be a vanilla like you, but can’t be if he managed that. Should be here in half an hour. I’ll warn you, he comes in with half a skinful. Not the cleanest smelling fella either.” There was a hint of disgust in his voice, but he continued with amusement. “He’s got some kinda death-wish by the looks of him and those that see it stay well away. A Demon was trying to corrupt a young Sorcerer here last week. Somehow this fellow, Anslem, got the fucker out of here. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He grinned at me, “By far the best candidate for what you want I’ve seen here.”

Technically, Sorcerers ranked below Vampires on the supernatural scale. A talented Sorcerer could be as powerful as a full Wizard. Most were just dabblers. Heck, technically every priest you meet is a minor Sorcerer, the hypocrites. The sin of Simony be damned.


Cursed Mother is now Live, and can be purchased HERE

Long awaited by some, and an entry into the universe for others, I hope that I have fewer health problems in the future and can accelerate my release schedule.

In the meantime, Enjoy!

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