Evacuation is now Enhanced, Here is a snippet of new material!

Janna cursed herself as she heard a foot scrape on the sidewalk behind her. She hadn’t been paying enough attention, and her office for reviewing materials and sending them to the colonel was not in one of the better areas of town. She was glad she habitually kept her hands in pockets and didn’t wear gloves.

It seemed she had picked up a small group of thugs. Either they wanted to capture her for their boss or their own stable of whores, or they were merely planning on raping her. In this district, the police would pay no attention to such a crime. They were swamped with a gang war and the murders it produced.

Focused and making sure her Walther PPK-L .32 caliber was ready to be drawn from her sleeve. She was glad it was winter as it allowed her to wear a heavy coat with no comment. It enabled her to carry the light pistol in a holster on her wrist, concealed by the coat sleeve and quickly drawn.

She waited until she could hear them move up close behind her. Without warning, she dropped low and swept her right leg in an arc behind her, knocking two of the thugs into each other. Rolling to her right, she dodged the grab from the criminal on her far left. She drew her pistol as she rolled and steadied herself by leaving her left knee on the ground when she finished the movement. Firing three quick shots from the quiet gun into the brute that had grabbed at her, she took him out of the equation.

“She killed Yuri!” a fourth thug shouted as he barrelled into her. Janna hadn’t heard him until a moment before he struck. She avoided his grasping arms, but his body still hit her hard. He knocked her over, sending her tumbling across the ground. The force of his tackle sent the pistol skittering along the pavement.

One of the other thugs growled, “She must be some kinda cop. We’ll have to kill ‘er now. Siminov will be pissed. He’ll prefer the loss over us bringing a cop for ‘is stable.”

She continued to roll away from the thugs and considered running. A quick glance at them told her running was not a good option. They looked fit for street criminals, and she doubted she could outrun them. The pistol had skittered a significant distance from all of them, teetering on a drain. She quickly scanned the quiet street. She used this route as one of several back to her apartment to avoid attracting police attention. Unfortunately, that had backfired by drawing criminal attention. There was nothing available nearby for her to use as a weapon with her pistol gone.

People who already have Evacuation? Never fear! this is an update! If it doesn’t download automatically (It should, but it might not) just delete the current file and re-download. If you haven’t bought it yet, get it HERE!


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