Feeling Sheepish

Right. Well. Huh.

That posting regular goal is harder than it looks.

I do have good news, however. Forsaken Motherhood is finished.

Done. Complete. Finito. And Social Combat, with Taki Drake, is getting bloody close as well.

I have also started a series of small action mil-fic that I will be releasing under ‘Battle Reports.’ Reporting the smaller actions of the Pandora Battalion, these should hopefully be a success. They are designed to be short and action-filled, with the ending connecting to the main storyline. Many will be released initially in All Chaos Press anthologies, but I plan on putting several of them in collections, and each collection will have at least one new Battle Report.
Then there is the re-release of the main Pandora Battalion stories as stand-alones.

Basically, I lost track of time between smoke, everything that is happening at home, and everything that is happening with my writing.

If you can’t wait for another Mongrelverse hit, Reforged in Fire, the third Suddenly Supernatural short, is in Turn The Page

And if you are new to the #Mongrelverse, you might want to take a look at Cursed Mother now, so you are all caught up when Motherhood Forsaken releases!

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