Halloween Valentine: A side story in the #Mongrelverse

Some authors ignore all their minor characters.

I find I cannot ignore all of them. Some of them start whispering their own stories in my ear and start harassing me until I write them.

That is the case here. For those who have read Through the Veil, you should remember Morgan, the Half-Fae PI. Well, this is the second short story about his life. (The first was Oathbreaker’s Blood, in The Hand You Were Dealt anthology.)
Enjoy a  horror driven romance in Treated to Tricks!

Have a Snippet from the tale here!

Morgan knew that he needed to bring something to Tegan. It was what people did for those with whom they would have to associate with for a long time. Everything he knew about the situation whispered to the Fae part of his soul that their association would either be short or most of the rest of his life.

Especially considering his oath to beget a child by her.

While he would not be a controlling arsehole like his own dearly departed Dad, he wanted to be involved with any child that he helped produce.

He was looking for a relationship that he had no way to define from his own experience. His life had been so tightly controlled by his father that he had no way to identify what he was looking for. Something more than someone to warm the bed of occasionally.

If he had any vaguely normal friends, then they could have told him what he was looking for. Even some of the saner members of his estranged family could have told him. He was looking for a loving, romantic, partnership of equals.

But there was nothing in his experience that led him to believe such was possible. His family, until he had broken from it, had been based entirely on dominance chains. There were no friendly equals within it that he had seen.

At first, Morgan considered which shop he might visit, what sort of gift he might purchase for Tegan. Then he realized two things. First, no matter what he bought for the woman, it would have less meaning than something from the collection of trophies and artifacts that had become his upon his father’s death. Things that should have been his long ago by battle right.

Secondly, his usual illusions might not cover his new appearance from an othersider, someone who had not crossed the Veil yet. He did not want to risk crossing someone over. Unnecessary travel in public would do precisely that, at least until he gained a better appreciation of what had changed about him.

His share had included much from siblings who were no longer alive. Those, however, lacked a personal touch in Morgan’s mind. He wanted to give Tegan something that he had been responsible for acquiring or liberating.

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