It is good to be back!

Hey-ho, everyone!

So happy to be back among you, the functioning human beings! After a month of enforced smoke inhalation and general ill-health, I’ve had a great week. Well, a great week for someone who could barely write for a month.

6000 words in the last five days (yes!!!) A short story close to finished! (Reforged in Fire, Suddenly Supernatural #3, should be out by the end of the month. #2, Future Forward, Visions Past should be out before Christmas/Yuletide/Solstice/Hanukah/Kwanza.)

So you should be receiving a fresh new happy snippet next week and the week after and probably the week after that!

As for Suddenly Supernatural #1? A Simple Trip can be found in the Prime Fantasy II Anthology, which was published a long time ago on a continent near you. Go catch up if you have not read it yet!

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