Khazali’s Tale Release Snippet Sole: Book is live (and went live FAST!)

So… I was expecting to need two release snippets for you guys, but Khazali’s tale is already live. That’s right. You can buy it HERE
But I still owe you a snippet, and here it is:
The time was approaching. Khazali could have sworn she heard the marching steps of at least six people approaching the building. That made her frown slightly. Six people meant he had brought the maximum guards allowed. Four. She was not sure that boded well. It indicated either there was trouble near the border that this meeting was taking place, or a lack of trust, in one way or another, of the Sadeghi.

The young woman shook herself and thought, It is just my nerves talking. I can do this. Everyone I know has praised my beauty. Mazyar seemed interested when we spoke not two weeks ago. Surely with the additional attraction of my looks, he will desire a betrothal and a marriage as quickly as can be arranged.

There was a knock at the door. “Sister, it is time,” Vahid stated starkly. He had never been one to mince words. Oddly, it was comforting that he had not changed how he acted around her. Blunt and bluff as always.

She drew in a deep, calming breath, checked that her dress was in place and walked out the door. While ambling down the hall, she considered how to make the best impression on her suitor. Eventually, she settled on keeping her head bowed in respect. His rank was much higher than hers. He could be one of those people who was highly conscious of status. If so, keeping her head lowered, while keeping her body straight and her shoulders firm would show respect without implying servile station.

She also drew strength from Vahid’s presence. Everyone in the family knew that he never shaded the truth. If the Miahran heir found fault with her for some, probably imaginary, reason, then her family would not blame her. Then he stepped in front of her to open the door to the room where she would finally see Mazyar.

She firmly took control of her thoughts as she bowed her head and strode into the room.

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