Khazali’s Tale Snippet 2

“It is late for you to visit, my lord. It cannot be because of the message I sent you. So, what brings you to the border so late?” His agent asked as he led him over to a long table. Making sure his patron had water, he waited for Kazem to drink.

“I’m looking for a spear shaft for my niece. A particular type. It needs to be Ash.” Kazem explained. He was comfortable telling Umom this. The man had been loyal, and beyond that, he owed Nader and Kazim his life and his business. There was not much chance he would betray them. Especially over something involving Djinn politics. He might listen for disquiet on the clan lands, but he stayed clear of the politics of the Genies.

Umom froze slightly. Then he looked at Kazem. “She is of age already? My, how the time flies. Still, now is a bad time to travel, my Lord. An Angel, a Bene Elohim the commander thinks, sneaked through the gate just yesterday. I sent word as soon as I found out, and the commander sent a squad out to try and track it, as well as two runners from the militia to warn the Sadeghi himself.”

Kazem’s eyes narrowed. That may have explained the recruit’s salute. On the other hand, it also made the hamlet a possible site for conflict. Sighing, he said, “Why did you know I would seek you once my niece came of age?” He frowned slightly. Umom gave a slight frown.

“Because I was told what you would need. One of your niece’s tutors passed through here on his way home. I got him drunk, and he let slip to me that all the Sadeghi plans would be for naught if they did not have an ash shafted spear for their prized daughter.” A cunning smile crossed his face. “So, on the off chance he was not lying, I made a pair for her to choose from and hid them. It took me five years and several failures that were passed on to the garrison before I finally made a pair that I was proud of.”

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