Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences: Proofreading snippet

Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences has reached Proofreading, so I thought I would give you all a snippet to celebrate!

Taken from Chapter 4

Then Fidelma’s eyes flashed. “Why didn’t you tell us it was possible people suspected your blood was a… a… source of power for the Gods sake? Isolde may have been a little irresponsible. If people come looking for you and we’re the ones at home, by Rot, then we are all in danger.”

I blinked. She was right. I should have told them. She also had the classic Redhead’s temper, although I wondered how bad the situation would have to be to get her to curse in human terms. To give you an idea, ‘by Rot’ roughly translated in this context as ‘You stumbling drunken ass-jacker.’ I looked them both in the eye and said “It’s a work in progress. I’m not used to living with others, let alone working with others or having to consider people gunning for me might go after them. I’ll try to do better in the future.” I took both of their glares at face value, looking them in the eyes. A useful skill, learned over the years, being able to stare down two people at once.

Eventually, Isode gave a nod and went back to unpacking the camping gear. Once I only had to stare down Fidelma, she gave a grudging nod and said, “Work hard at it.” That was that.

Turning my thoughts back to the problem at hand, I looked at both Isolde and Fidelma and spoke up. “But back to your concept of the plan, if a fifty cal couldn’t bruise your wings like you’re claiming, then I’d have to agree with your assessment. A Drop Bear is unlikely to harm them. So it’s not a bad plan, and far better than anything the SSC would be able to put together. Not without calling in a wizard from either the Southern or Western divisions, at least. The Northeast division just doesn’t have any wizards skilled at manipulating forces in that way. They’ve got plenty of wizards and witches who can manipulate forces, but none of them seem to be able to create physical shields against anything. I guess my reputation for finding creative solutions is what kicked me in the ass this time. Without such notoriety, they probably would’ve called on one of the wizards from the other divisions. Gods dammit.” I sighed and got up to leave the tent.

Fidelma spoke up as I stood. “Aren’t you going to sleep with us tonight? Surely you need some rest before we go out fighting the unknown.” I’d figured that had been their plan when they insisted on only one tent, but part of the reason I had slept on the trip down was that I had no intention of sleeping with either of them. Fidelma was still my client, in a nebulous sort of fashion, and was fast becoming a business partner.

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