Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences – Release snippet 1

Only one Cathedral I had visited, Yorkminster, had given me a similar feeling. Impressive while you are there, but in many ways a true holy site only after you left it. Different in magnitude to the Wyrm’s cavern, but a similar sense of something beyond my experience. I had to wonder why only one Cathedral felt so different from the others.

I also had an additional issue. I was going to face off against a Drake, another powerful Wyrm. And my choice of wizardly allies had just got an agreement from the bloody Rainbow Serpent to stay in place.

That was not something a wise person did. I was truly fucked.

A cloud hung over me despite the excitement from Fidelma and Isolde. Both were amazed they had seen one of the Wyrms. Many supernaturals did not believe in them, they were seen so rarely. One of the ironies of the world beyond the Veil was many still did not believe in things they could not relate to something they had experience with. This was despite many of them having passed through the Veil. Despite discovering a whole world beyond their previous experience. Wyrms went a step further. The powers they held had to be felt to be understood.

There seemed to be information beyond what I thought was the Veil. As if there were layers to the illusions and knowledge sinks that constructed the mystical curtain that separated the supernatural and normal worlds.

Maybe that was how the Veil worked. No one I had heard of then or now has suffered ill-effects from moving deeper. The initial breakthrough was another matter. Then again, taking the first step into anything life-changing was always the hardest. I knew that. I was still taking the first steps to letting people into my life.

Allies for a specific task were one thing. Working with people regularly was another. You had to divide up tasks and trust their competence at what they agreed to do. I still had trouble passing on long-term responsibility, even with Fidelma and Isolde’s supernatural abilities.

Fidelma and Isolde were both hyped up by their experiences. I, on the other hand, was exhausted. First the visions, the dreams. Then summoning the strange fire. The act of calling that fire had been physically exhausting. The other events had been tiring in a different way. I wasn’t happy about letting the ladies drive my truck home, but from what the Rainbow Serpent had told me, I had weeks, or at most months, before I needed to get the sword or tooth or whatever it was.

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