Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences Snippet 1


It was time to do a bit of tree culling in the Belanglo State Forest, so a small group of forestry workers had been sent to clear the road and start marking the deadfall trees. They had a chainsaw with them to clear any large tree out of the way. As the forestry workers moved through the bush marking trees and enjoying the sunshine of the day, the pleasantness of the situation was interrupted by an ear-splitting scream. Looking at each other, they quickly moved off in the direction of the scream. As they got closer to the source of the sound they started hearing sobbing, and groans of pain. Continuing to follow the sound they came upon a scene that was hard to believe.

They saw a young man being gnawed upon by what looked like a rather large and aggressive koala. There was one major difference. Whatever this creature was it had teeth that would put a lion or tiger to shame. In fact, where a koala would have molars, this creature had one big slab of teeth that could shear through flesh and bone. They heard the crunch as it placed its jaw on the poor man’s shoulder and bit down.

They quickly approached the man, one of them firing up his chainsaw, obviously intending to cut the vicious creature off his victim. He’d seen this type of creature before. Too many Aussies laughed at the concept of Drop Bears, but those who had seen them knew they were a  real risk. As he moved closer, over the noise of the chainsaw, he missed the telltale rustle of leaves as Drop Bears fell from the trees above him and his companions onto their heads and necks.

There was no one else nearby to hear the four men screaming in agony as the Drop Bears started their meals with their prey still alive. After the screaming  had stopped, slowly but surely the normal sounds of the forest returned

It would be several days before the foresters would be noticed missing.

I just hit 10k on Mongrel’s tooth and consequences, so I decided it was time to show my fans a piece of it.


Paul C Middleton.

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