New Chapter – No votes this week

Hello Everyone

Just dropping by to inform you that despite everything, I did manage to finish the next chapters of Hunter’s Apprentice.

You can find chapter 10 HERE (or click on the cover, I linked it too.)

I hope you enjoy them, and any other story that people have posted.

Have a good day, everyone.

Paul C. Middleton


Here are the links to past chapters for you to enjoy.

Chapter 1 – Here

Chapter 2 & 3 – Here

Chapter 4 & 5 – Here

Chapter 6 & 7 – Here

Chapter 8 & 9 – Here

Look forward to more chapters in the Hunter’s Apprentice serial every fortnight!

I will try and re-start my Music Monday posts as well. I also hope to soon have regular snippets for you all, and to update you on my works in progress.

Sorry about being so scatterbrained. Sorry about the delays everywhere. Life got in the way. Hopefully I have clearer skies going forward.

Thanks again

Paul C. Middleton.

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