Paul’s Writing Update

Hi all. I survived the blood test vampires. And they didn’t take too much blood.

So I get to tell you what is in the works.

And let’s get started with those that are already finished.

‘My Mongrel Knight’ should be coming out in the next week in the first of the new cycle of Inanna’s Circle Game anthologies. Sometime in June or July (once I finish editing), the second book in the main series of The Pandora Battalion, ‘Operation Backblast,’ should be published.

Then there are the three works I have that are nearing completion. The first is Good Manners and Bad Mojo. This short story will be published in the second Pandemonium anthology from All Chaos Press. It explores one of The Mongrel’s past jobs. Thal Jardine fled Australia and sought the protection of his Great-Aunt in the US.

Next, (unsure of release order here, sorry) is First Flight, a prologue to a new series, Fang and Fury, that I have planned. This series will bring Isolde (from Breed Matters) and Zak (from Mother of Monsters and Supernatural Shock) together for investigations. Also, there is Training Pains, Book #2 from Good Deeds and Bad Company (cover adjacent). I hope to have this one out before the end of July.

Fear not for my other works. I have started a series of short adventures that will follow on from both Khazali’s Tale and the events in Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences. I have also begun the third book from Breed Matters, ‘Fury’s Child.’ The third books in both Mother of Monsters and Good Deeds and Bad Company are outlined and just waiting for me to finish the three works above before I start them.

I want to avoid spreading myself too thin. I figure no-one wants to see daylight through my form.

So, onwards and snippets in your near future.


P.S. Here is the link for the second round of the Inanna’s Circle Game. I have not written anything this time. However many other fine stories have been told. You can find them HERE

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