Phoenix Prime Friday, #2


By Summer Donnelly

Enter the town of Thistle Grove. One of its residents, Red Rose has a problem. People are disappearing from the wood around town, her beloved amongst them. Mystery abounds, and the Sheriff is not up to solving the problem alone.

Have the Wicked Witches broken the peace treaty that expelled the Fables out of the Woods? What allies have they found to give them the confidence to move against the town?

Will Thistle Grove ever find a way to be at peace?

When Vamps Bite

By Nicole Zoltack

Strange happenings abound in the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. When Detective Clarissa is put on what she thinks is just another case, she finds all evidence pointing to something that just can’t be real.

Taken off the job, her therapist convinces her that the most likely answer is not the right one. That it isn’t likely because it just isn’t possible.

Then her Occam’s Razor turns up on her doorstep, complete with threats of violence and death.

Threats no detective can ignore… or let control her actions. She now has to figure out why the Vampires are so intent on having her off the case while staying alive and unbitten.

CyberWar: Byte Conflict

Phoenix Prime Anthology

Disaster and humor in what could go wrong in a cyberattack are found in these stories ripped from the imagination of some of the most creative authors I have read.

Sometimes inspired by headlines, at other times taking possible events from theory, this is a must read for anyone who is curious about the nature of threats and knock on effects of the growing threat of Cyber Warfare.

The only question you need to ask is how many of these stories show the future.

Serpent Con

By T.S. Paul

Meet Chuck, an FBI forensic tech, and Mungo, who was kicked out of the FBI after graduation. After being separated since then, they agree to meet up at Serpent Con.

Unfortunately, all the Con-goers are not who they seem to be.

A light-hearted story set in T.S. Paul’s Federal Witch Series, this series is an amusing satire of con culture and shows how close the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres are, and how they can easily cross over.

The Imp Prince

Phoenix Prime Anthology

The Imp Prince is a fairy tale about sibling rivalry. Every author has a different take on retelling these stories. They cross through fantasy through to science fiction, from the past through to the future. The stories explore the complex nature of sibling relationships and the forms that type of rivalry may take.

This is another well-written set of classic fairy tale retellings from Phoenix Prime.

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