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In the future, I will try to post about books from my group, those I have published in the recent past, and sometimes about books they will publish in the next week. Some anthologies will be included as well.

Occasionally, I will also throw in older works to let you know where we have started.

Let’s start this one off, shall we?

An Absent Gale

By Nathan Howe

Alexi has become an Air Elementalist, which means he already has achieved one of his life goals! Unfortunately, that marked the start of even more problems for him and those that he cares about.

Assassins, prophecies, and classes. Alexi does not know what is worse! Who could he possibly trust when those that hide in the shadows start to emerge!

After all, life is hard to live with a knife stuck in your back.

Look it up here, with a proper blurb. (click on the cover!)

CyberWar: Digital Battlefield

Phoenix Prime Anthology

When the internet fails – everything can go wrong. The stories in this book touch on both the effects of that failure and how an increasing force of defenders are organizing to combat this type of warfare.

The stories explore divergent views, spanning hunting a hacker who fled into the jungle, surviving without the internet for endless days, and what happens when a chocolate factory goes haywire from a cyber-attack.

The stories are about more than disaster, highlighting the resiliency of community and the soaring of the human spirit.

Link in the Cover


Primed Fairy Tales

Throw a classic fairy tale at a group of creative authors and challenge them to write it better. What you get are different stories across genre, time, and space.

Find out what twists and turns the original tale takes in this entertaining anthology! Based on the classic Bluebeard fairy tale!

Link in the cover

Shadowmark (book 1, Shadowmark series)

By T.M. Catron


Take one city girl, one Alien invasion, and the destruction of humanity’s cities. Bring to a low heat and simmer. Add a rescuer who is most definitely not a knight in shining armour and you have a well written story for both Sci-fi and Dystopian/post-apocalypse lovers. Enjoy!

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By Paul C Middleton

My first published work, Paladin looks at a world of witches, demons, magi. And, of course, those who fight them!

It explores the nature of belief and the different reactions when those beliefs are shattered. Is there is only one truth, or many?

Do I need to say it again? Ah well, Click the cover.

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