Redemption, Boris Chronicles #4 Snippet 6

And here we have the sixth snippet of Boris Chronicles #4. It is presented as is, as usual, without editing being finished, but for your enjoyment!

It had been two days since Olaf’s shuttle had registered the self-destruct with Lilith. They had hoped for more information before this meeting, but none had arrived. Lilith concluded her initial report

“The engine of shuttle 0009 was restarted after failure by nanites holding the signature of Olaf. They reported high etheric reserves that would not have been present if the body had suffered significant damage. Indeed there was a residual energy higher than his average over the last twelve months.” Lilith reported to Boris in an analytical tone.

Boris smashed his fist down. “I don’t care. I’m moving south to take command of the force under Major Petrova currently. The situation down there is a higher risk than we initially assessed. They need someone with more seasoning.”

Paul raised an eyebrow at the outburst but said nothing.  Janna, however, was shaking her head vehemently.

“No, Boris. Danislav doesn’t have the command experience for a five regiment force. Worse, he’s never been seen by the Pack as an Alpha. He has the strength for it, but the perception is he’s always been your second. He’d have challenges for command within a day of news arriving with the rest of the force. The twins are too junior. I need to stay here until one of them gets back anyway.”

“A divided command is the last thing we need there, and I can only guarantee the Arkhangelsk Regiment and Vilosty’s regulars would accept him in command. Tolstov is ambitious, if loyal personally to you. The militia regiments could choose to place themselves under his command if Tolstov divides the command. His reputation as a commander is Danislav’s equal.” Janna said in a forceful, but analytical, tone.

“Both of them know Olaf missing or dead is the only reason you would command the south. Tolstov would look at it as the position of heir and second in command of the military being up for grabs.” She finished in a disgusted tone.

“We have three other children,” Boris said diffidently.

Paul snorted and said, “The twins aren’t taken seriously by the populace, Boris. Hell, I’m not sure either of them would want your job. They would have to become ‘proper.’ As for Fiona,” he paused and extended his palm flat, then shifted it from side to side, “I don’t know if she’d come back. She’s already the Mongolian pack’s second in command. That position makes her heir to the civil leadership since the fall too. Her renown is greater than anyone else in a position to claim heir if Olaf dies. And even if she did take the position, who would replace her in Mongolia? Her departure could open the door to the Sacred Clan. We know they’re still active.”

Paul’s voice held concern, with a touch of dread. As if he had already found a solution and didn’t like it.

More will be coming shortly, hopefully with a release date to be announced (or at least a Planned publication date.)

Paul C. Middleton

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