So… I have been sick recently. I really did intend to be good and post regular, but for the last 6 weeks I have been up and down and generally unwell. Up to and including a hospitalization.

Funny thing about not being able to breathe properly. All you want is some air. ‘You think,’ gasp, ‘the hospital,’ gasp, ‘might be able to,’ gasp, ‘help me? Well,’ gasp, ‘then, get me there’ gasp, cough, splutter.

It was not fun. And they still don’t know what was wrong. But I feel better now, so am going to run with that and hope whatever the problem/illness/alignment of the planets was, it is now resolved.

I intend to post about the music that inspires me on Mondays, Something or another on Wednesday or Thursday (at least once a month a regular post about being a carer.) and three times a fortnight I plan on posting either snippets or something that expands the universes I write in. Especially MY universe, the Mongrelverse. This last will be on Saturdays, with the third post floating to fill in gaps of other themes or just being jammed in somewhere if I have enough elsewhere.

I hope for the best. I really hope to avoid more relapses. That would be a badness thing.

I have managed to get some work done. Otherwise where would I be pulling the snippets from?

The first of these releases should be sometime within the next fortnight – Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences. I will update everyone with the date as soon as I confirm.

To the next book and beyond!

P.S. Well wishes welcome!

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