Squeezing in a project.

There is a project (read ‘Series’) that I started after being told that I have a good grasp on military forces and the changes that happened to them over history.

This is where the ‘Writer’s guide to Combat’ started from.

The first part, cover above, was published a few days ago. It is something I feel proud of. Not everyone will be interested in it, but it is something that will interest some of you. Many readers are also writers.

It can be purchased here.

It isn’t all the research you need. It is designed as a starting point. Something to give writers and aspiring writers a point to begin their research from. It would be impossible for anyone to do more than that in a less than 10000-word document. Nor would I want to do more than the information I give. It would be wrong for me to do so. To be truly successful, an author HAS to do their own research, free of any Bias another might have, and recognizing that there is existing bias in any existing documentary evidence.

What the book does is allow an author to focus their research on the type and time period of military they want to represent

I believe it is more than successful in that goal.

Why did I start with the structure of a military? Because many people involved in fight and combat scenes are written as military or ex-military. To add depth to them you need to know what sort of military they came from.

The next book is written and with my collaborator on the issue as we speak. As we speak she is adding her knowledge base, which is far greater than mine on Combat Psychology, to what I put into the book.

I hope you enjoy. I should be posting a snippet in the nest day or two from Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences.

Signing off
Paul C Middleton.

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