Through the Veil: Release snippet 1

Zora found herself sitting on the passenger seat of a relatively new sedan. Her stomach had settled a little, but she was still having trouble focusing. The man who had helped her got some water from his boot. He had been kind. She really should get his name.

She rifled through the glovebox for something, even paper, to wipe her mouth with. Grabbing a loose sheet of what looked like scrap, she wiped it across her lips to remove the slimy-feeling residue. When the man came back with water in a metal sports bottle, he ordered, “Rinse and spit first.”

She grimaced but knew he was right. Swallowing the residue would most likely cause her gorge to rise again. She rinsed twice for good measure before she drank the rest of the bottle. Then she glanced at the piece of paper. On it was her address.

Fear flashed through her as she thought, Why does this man have my address? She shook herself a little. She had just seen a man light a smoke from fire from his fingertip and another thing with horns and red skin. A guy that had her address but was treating her kindly was low on her imminent-threats listing.

It still concerned her. If he had her address, there was no point in hiding where she lived. It all seemed so damned convenient now. Him being there to help her. Even the stranger that had precipitated the spill. She knew that there were times when paranoia was a survival trait.

How paranoid is a person if everyone is out to get them? Given what had happened, wasn’t some paranoia justified? She thought that was sure as hell the case.

Zora had grown up on tales from her father that her great-grandfather had been able to take the form of a wolf. As she had grown older, she had dismissed them as family stories with no basis in reality. But a part of her had always wondered. Wished it were true, even. That there were things that science alone could not explain.

Through the Veil should be released later this week. Hope you all are looking forward to it.
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Also, sometime in the next month or two, my site should be getting a re-vamp (over vamp? Reconstruction?) So it may be briefly down. Just be patient. Things need to be updated and improved!

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