Through the Veil: Release Snippet 2

Through the Veil has had the big red release button pressed.

Fly my words, Fly, Conquer the world! Ahahahaha!

That, of course, means that you get another snippet from the book. Enjoy, and I will put out an alert when the book goes live.

Zora shuddered in her fitful sleep, if it could even be called sleep. Her mind was not dreaming. It was struggling. She was trying to decide which memories she could trust, and which were false. The blue fog had lifted, leaving conflicting red and blue memories.

Somehow, she knew if she did not choose one set to accept, she would not remain sane for long. But which one could she accept? She had talked to her boss about Joe this morning. He had told her that her partner was alive, hadn’t he? Why would he lie to her?

Gary had always been honest and upfront with her. She could not conceive of a situation in which he would deceive her. He had to believe what he was saying. But she had encountered such other weirdness that she was not sure what she could trust. Or that he hadn’t been deceived. An older memory forced itself onto her. It seemed more raw, less polished, but that made it feel more solid at the same time. Black and white to the blue-tinted and red-tinted memories.

It was a memory of her Grandmama saying, “Always be careful, child. There are beings out there we cannot fathom the nature or abilities of. If you are unsure about something, remember the myths.”

One of those myths jumped out at her from those memories. The legend about Doppelgangers, and how they could take the form of anyone they wanted. Another, about changelings who replace a parent’s child at birth. What if there was something out there that could take the place of someone who was dead? Was that the sort of thing that her grandmother had been warning her about?

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