To all my fans

I’m sorry I’ve been out for two or so weeks.

Life keeps biting me in the arse.

I have solved where many of the issues were coming from, and am moving full swing into production. Several shorts will be coming out this month, in anthologies like Midnight Magic,

So will the start of a Non-Fiction series, A Writer’s guide to Combat.

I hope to be finishing Breed Matters Book 2, and Boris Chronicles Book 4 may be out very late this month, if not it will be out in May. I will be seeing how I go with that one.

So – now my only job is being an author I hope to be able to push harder at Authoring stuff. Hope to provide you with more, faster!

Signing off
Paul C Middleton.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to contact me either through this blog or on Facebook. Twitter is a little more problematical. I often turn it off so I can write in peace.

P.P.S. Keep Checking this Blog! I plan to post at least twice a week (although we all know about the plans of Mice and Men, Eh?)

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