What has been cooking out of sight in the ‘Kitchen’

I promised this information some time ago, and then got caught up in actually working towards the project, and dealing with my personal loss.

The time is now for announcing that the project that the Phoenix Prime Collective has have been working on for over a year is about to become a reality. We are very excited that soon Wenebojo will be bringing something new to the entertainment world by combining an audiobook with streaming imagery and closed captioning. Plans are already in progress to add sign language to the stream. This will make the stories available through a broader spectrum of sight and sound.

In partnership with IBM, and running on their newest generation mainframes in the secure, worldwide Z Cloud, we plan to launch before Christmas. Before that launch, there is a Kickstarter campaign, followed by an early access period (which can be joined through the Kickstarter.)

It is a privilege to be a part of this project, along with my fellow Phoenix Prime authors and members. It is also an honor to be part of the group of fewer than forty people that have pushed this project forward. Our collective skills, hard work, and determination will bring this project and the streaming service it produces to a successful launch. In the process, many works of our authors’ works will also become available for purchase as audiobooks.

We hope that the project makes our stories and worlds more accessible to a wider audience. Many of the people that we hope can now experience our stories have found it challenging or impossible up until now.

To help support us, please share!

Please take the time to visit the Kickstarter page at https://kck.st/2IZiexK

We will also keep updates on the Wenebojo website, found here: www.wenebojo.com. There is a sample of the project ( a flash fiction work) available now!

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