What Is Phoenix Prime?

Phoenix Prime started as a learning program and competition team for authors from a variety of backgrounds in a non-academic, practical and personal development program. They were volunteers for the program. Nor was it an easy program.

The first phase was the equivalent of Boot Camp, and special training for authors. That may not be getting the difficulty across. It is without a doubt, the absolute hardest thing I have ever done intellectually. When you are doing things that hard on an intellectual level they also take a physical toll.

In the competition (in which our group took the overall prize and the top eleven places, competing against academic programs) we had about a 70% dropout rate. We went from getting 3 works (mostly short stories) done every five weeks, to getting eleven stories (including longer works) done in five weeks by the end.

We learned a lot through the program. The longer we stuck with it, the more intense the learning. Many people who started could not keep up. Brains exploded on a daily basis, even for those who stayed. We became very good at putting them back together.

It was also a rewarding experience that brought together the thirteen survivors, and their Beta Editors and Beta Readers, close together. We continue to work together, supporting each other.

We continue the association to bring you the best work we can. This means an important thing for you because you get higher quality work more often from Phoenix Prime, both as a collective and from member Authors.

Special mentions and thanks from me goes out to:

Kat Lind, who started the program and was senior mentor to the entire group, as well as being a great support to all of us.

The D’s (Diane Velasquez and Dorene Johnson) For a fantastic, exhausting and always above and beyond effort as Beta Editors.

Katherine Albert for taking care of the management and administrative needs.

Scott Paul for Marketing and Social Media training and help.

Everyone in the group has been of immense support and help. And even if I have not singled you out for special thanks, know I do thank you. If I listed everyone, it would make the post twice as long, and I want people to reach the important thing for all of us – The collective website link which will be coming live this weekend. We have been working so hard at our writing that the website is lagging a bit! So starting on October 22nd, check out http://pprcollective.com/!

Look for this symbol on your books!

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