Words complete: Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences

Mongrel’s Tooth and Consequences is now in the hands of the editor.

Here is a sample of the work, pre-editor from Chapter 1:

“I’m sorry Thal, but we sent a squad in after an elf and a group of foresters who disappeared in the Belanglo State Forest. They were driven back by a nest of Drop Bears.” There was a pause like he expected me to explode or something. “You’re the best hunter on this side of the continent, hell, probably the entire continent.” His voice held some injured pride as he admitted to the truth, but he continued, “We both know Drop Bears don’t usually congregate. They’re usually solitary ambush hunters. At least five were spotted by the squad, and one of them ‘hamstrung’ a squad member before they pulled back. We need you. If anyone can figure out what the hell is going on it’s you. They also healed bullet wounds rather fast. The squad leader is reasonably sure his people took one down for good, but the situation still leaves four.”

He was probably right. Any atypical behavior from Drop Bears, or other urban legends, could be a problem for all supes. The damned critters were already in the public’s subconscious, as an urban legend (and a bit of a joke, Aussies being Aussies). Drop Bears just didn’t act as pack animals. From what I’d seen of them before and heard about them from other hunters, they are almost always encountered solo. The only exception I’d known of was their breeding season. Now was not their breeding season. Something was affecting them. Hopefully a curse of some kind. I was a fan of any job that was ‘two birds, one stone.’ Breaking a curse while killing the monsters would make this a twofer, monster hunting and curse removal all in one.

I sighed into the phone. There wasn’t much choice involved in the decision. If a squad from the SSC extermination units couldn’t handle, they needed me.

I could hear the bitterness in my voice as I finally gave McGuire my answer, “All right Sergeant. Have the squad stay and handle containment. We’ll leave at noon. should get there sometime early tomorrow I guess. But then I’m taking a week off dammit. Ever since I woke up from breaking Fidelma’s curse, you’ve had me running ragged. Besides, Gran and Elizabita want to spend some time with Isolde and me. Neither of us wants to piss them off.” Fidelma and Isolde giggled in the background as I said that. “You try and keep stuff locked down here, eh? I’ll do my best to deal with the problem you’ve given me. If I can’t figure out anything else, I’ll just wipe out the Drop Bears in the area. And I’ll be careful with them acting like groundhogs too.”

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